"i loved her
because she could demolish my walls
and strip me right down to my bones
and instead of judging,
she kissed the scars.
i loved her
because she was the only other one
who could hear my voices
and promptly told them they weren’t welcome
in my mind.
i loved her
because she helped make me
feel like a human being again
instead of a monster."

but everything must end. (via andiwentupinflames)

"He had eyes as dark as his thoughts, but I swear,
I could see hints of light dancing around his pupils.
He spoke strange words about how life is nothing
more than one big dream, and all he wanted was to
wake up. I loved the way he laughed about things
that really made him want to cry. I loved how he
could light up a room when he thought he was only
clouding things up. His lips were drenched in
whiskey scented heartache and his eyes were red
from the smoke filled grief he inhaled. He thought
he was poisonous and dark, but I promise, that
boy was brighter than both the sun and stars

You’re not poison, you’re an antidote to the madness around us (via cruelcutie)



there are colors
that i haven’t seen
since you left
nights that i haven’t slept
and mornings left untouched

words i fear i
may never say

"We only part
to meet again."

riceispoetry (via riceispoetry)


Dead Poets Society, 1989

"Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know."

Ernest Hemingway (via amortizing)

"Don’t stress the details until you’ve mastered the basics."

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